Notices and Announcements

Volume 8, Issue 3

TCAA CARE Unit – Volunteer Today!

In the wake of recent disasters that have hit Texas, the Texas City Attorneys Association board of directors has created the “City Attorneys Responding in an Emergency (CARE) Unit.”

The CARE Unit will be a list of municipal lawyers who are willing to volunteer their time and knowledge to assist a city’s attorney who is facing disaster response and recovery.  It will be coordinated by the general counsel of the Texas Municipal League/Texas City Attorneys Association.

Volunteers would usually be called on to provide advice over the phone or in person to a city attorney in their region who needs assistance.  In addition, the TCAA board of directors has allocated funds to cover actual expenditures of volunteers if that becomes necessary.

To be on the list to provide assistance in the event that a city in your area needs legal help in an emergency, please email the following information to

  •     Name
  •     Title
  •     City or Firm
  •     Email address
  •     Cell phone number

For more information, please visit and click on “TCAA CARE Unit” in the “About TCAA” drop-down menu.


TCAA Fall Meeting!

Save the Date! The TCAA Fall Meeting in conjunction with the TML Annual Conference and Exhibition is scheduled for October 10, 2013, in Austin. This year’s meeting will focus on emergency and disaster preparation.  Details will be available in the coming weeks.  Don’t miss it!

TCAA to Fill Board Position on October 10, 2013

Those interested in applying for a place on the Board of the Texas City Attorneys Association should fill out an application and return it via e-mail to Scott Houston at Application forms are available on the front page of TCAA’s website at and must be received by 5:00 p.m. on September 6, 2013.